Japanese knotweed treatment and removal

Japanese Knotweed treatment building site

Japanese knotweed removal controlled digs from to eradicate plant

Consultancy, removal and treatment of Japanese knotweed

To control Japanese knotweed  is specific to each property or site, but control, treatment and containment on site is now the preferred option and is tax efficient.

Japanese knotweed treatment needs to start as soon as possible. In the dormant season, the plant may not be visible if the site has been cleared of vegetation, so all development sites should be surveyed at the earliest opportunity and preferably before purchase.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment and Removal Options

Stem injection

This is our standard treatment but may be used in conduction with other methods.

This is the quickest and most cost-effective method of control, 3 years.

Whole area Japanese knotweed removal within the site or to controlled waste site

The quickest option on a development site, but also the most expensive. This option removes the whole area of contamination to a waste disposal site or a more suitable area of the site within site controls.

Important: All information on the infestation, and the work to eliminate it, must be passed to future owners, including site management plans. See our Japanese knotweed removal Services page.

Membrane usage

Japanese knotweed removal service

Japanese knotweed treatment, a Installation of vertical barrier

  • As a barrier on a boundary
  • Complete burial onsite
  • Used under a building or structure to stop any chance of future problems which is now recommened in any site that has had previous contamination.

We are agents for membrane supply , usage and advice.

The membrane we supply is guaranteed for 50 years.